Welcome to Tom’s Author Page

 Thomas Kirkwood is an international author best known for his Cold War thrillers. His novels have been published by Macmillan, Collier Macmillan (Europe), Donald I. Fine (an imprint of Penguin), Signet (an imprint of NAL), Amazon, Brilliance (audio), Ménéstrandise Studios of Rome (audio) and Stjerne-Spenning (Europe). After many years in the EU, he now makes his home in Salida, Colorado. Kirkwood’s novels include “THE SVALBARD PASSAGE,” “THE QUIET ASSASSIN,” “THE TRADE,” “LACKING VIRTUES” and “THE POPPY BROKER,” all of which are now available in both physical and Kindle editions. Under the pseudonym Tommy Vilar, Kirkwood has begun a swashbuckling series featuring the Italian counterpart to James Bond, Dante Passoni. The first volume, entitled “SAVE ITALY! Forget the Rest,” is now available.